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CandyAi creates your customised AI partner from home and allows you to interact with them, including sexting and participating in the action. It has remained a leading platform for making creating an imaginary case virtual partner possible. Think, about bringing your dream girl to life, it does not end there, you get to choose her body type, personality, and even clothes. It also gives you the ground to spice things up by engaging with your virtual companion, bringing your wildest fantasy to life. Here, you get an opportunity to create a personalised chatting experience as you can cook up a reasonable and adult-like conversation with your partner, removing the possibility of its reality seeming far. The chatbot's AI has been programmed and learnt how humans hold conversations.

Features Available
  • A well-built site that makes navigation seamless without delay in finding your virtual companion.
  • It offers you a pool of online characters to shape into what would later be your partner by adjusting its looks, body type, colour, etc.
  • There is an explore section that allows you to select characters based on their gender without the stress of fetching them from a large number.
  • Access to a real-time experience obtained from the well-tailored conversation with the partner.
  • You can share voice notes, and this also makes something physically virtual seem natural to some extent.
  • The site gets updated with fresh content now and then.


  • A customized character creation that goes with your taste.
  • The quality of conversation can be likened to those who are off-site.
  • Multiple art styles make it impossible to run out of what to create.
  • The ability to create images and generate text swiftly exists.


  • After creating your personalised character, editing can prove impossible to achieve.
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1$ Trial
1$ Trial
1$ Trial

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