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Price Plan : Free/Premium


This is an excellent artificial intelligence site that allows you to create and speak to your AI-generated Male partner while also getting a response back and additionally some erotic images. CandyAI Boyfriend is a space that, hands down, gives you the free will to create an image of your choice, preferably a boyfriend, using the preexisting character made available on the site. You can also create your partner from scratch.

Features Available
  • It has a clean interface that is easy to use, allowing navigation and chatting with your AI-generated partner to be easy.
  • You have access to a free artificial intelligence chat. This means you do not necessarily need to pay for a premium; sign up.
  • The audio and picture quality are top-notch, and it is too good coming from a generated character.
  • When your privacy is threatened, you can delete your account and erase your history on the site.
  • The subscription is quite affordable.
  • There is also an option to call your AI partner.


  • Access to a realistic, pre-existed AI boyfriend.
  • A space that is secure for both yourself and a safe, secure payment plan.
  • An affordable membership plan, even for the premium package.
  • All audio and pictures are of excellent quality, bringing the real-time experience closer to you than anticipated.


  • There are a few limitations for free users.
  • The number of images to be generated is limited and can be used anytime.
Visit: CandyAI Boyfriend


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