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AstridAI is a chilled site if you are looking into face swapping for fun and professional use. Its friendly website is one reason most people have shown interest in it over the years. It is a revolutionary tool that allows you as a user to trade faces in whatever format with a remarkable, realistic result. Imagine exchanging faces with anyone at any time without stress; that is what this site does. You bring in your picture or picture of anyone and get it swapped. It uses a telegram bot to create this sophisticated faceswap, mainly for entertainment and legal purposes. Astrid Ai makes sure to detect the precise face and, in turn, align and blend it into a mind-blowing result.

Features Available
  • It is a sophisticated tool that allows users to swap faces on videos and pictures at their will.
  • An enhancement tool that helps build up the quality of pictures or videos swapped.
  • Occlusion that adds some realness to the result.
  • A user-friendly site for seamless navigation.
  • It supports any video and image format.
  • Gives you the best result with no need for additional editing.


  • It allows you to swap faces within seconds.
  • Allows various uses and purposes, including professional use, creative projects, etc.
  • Ability to clone someone’s voice and swap that with another.
  • You can see the process and your result in real time.


  • You may have reduced control over the outcome of your result.
  • Sometimes, the result depends greatly on the quality of pictures or videos.
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